I fix broken teams through guiding and mentoring C-level managers and HR leaders, setting the ground rules and agile practices.

Agile - a new way of thinking or mindset that is based on values and principles, which:

  • Focuses the team on the customer expectations and providing excellent customer service.
  • Implement iterative testing of business hypotheses without wasting time and money on unprofitable projects.
  • Promotes the speed of business growth to outperform competitors from the same industry and with equal restrictions.
  • Creates a responsible workplace where all employees are fully engaged and take personal responsibility for the overall results.
  • Improve cross-functional team dynamics and reduce the number of conflicts between sales, marketing, IT, finances, etc.

I combine team workshops and individual coaching with experiential learning to solve the high performance puzzle:


Organizational diagnostics

As a base I use a Great Place to Work model, validated through its enduring resonance in both the United States and in over 40 countries around the world to understand the as-is baseline and develop a tailored growth plan.

Step 2

Leadership transformation
through mentoring

Employees mirror senior management's behavior.
Managers at all levels need to be on board with the company’s shared values and lead by example.
For this reason, we start changes from the top. We establish a cross-functional team in a high level (sales, marketing, IT, finance, etc.) and focus them on achieving the company's global goal.


Creating a supportive responsible workplace

  • Identify employees’ strengths and growth areas of the team.
  • Form star teams out of star players.
  • Highlight strategic business tasks and enable employees to apply them to their individual roles.
  • Conduct regular check-ins to boost productivity across an organization.
  • Improve collaboration and communication.
  • Facilitate opportunities for innovations.
  • Scale Agile mindset.

This enables companies to navigate and drive both self-management and growth needed to achieve sustainable performance improvement.

Managers and team members will gain the foundational soft skills needed in a highly collaborative and high-performing culture.

These 3 steps allow you to fix your broken team and unlock high-performance with Agile management system that will bring profit in 12 weeks or less.